Learning Microsoft® Word

For most people, Word remains a mystery and a source of frustration. For example, a simple task like copying text from another document can end up consuming hours of re-formatting time. Or making changes to an existing document can involve reverse engineering the original writer’s unique approach to using Word.

We show you how to cut through the fog and get real results with Microsoft® Word. Our training unlocks the secrets of using Word’s powerful template and style functions so you can create great-looking documents efficiently, every time.

Effective business writing

Consistent look-and-feel

Are you responsible for maintaining document sets that need to retain consistency in layout and presentation? Our training will show you how to build and apply templates and styles to get consistent results.

Small and stable

Our training will show you how to create documents that are as small as possible and rock-solid. Instead of having to manage bloated, unstable documents that chew up your precious time whenever you need to modify them, you will learn to create well-formed Word documents that are not only easy to modify but also allow rapid re-purposing of content.

How to get started

Contact us to arrange a needs assessment.

Typical workshop topics

  • Seven rules for using Microsoft® Word
  • How formatting works
  • Using styles to control look-and-feel
  • Mastering lists and tables
  • Building templates
  • Applying themes: the ultimate in design flexibility

Process for designing and delivering a workshop

  1. You meet with us to define your training needs
  2. We assess your needs in detail (may include some benchmark assessments)
  3. We design a workshop to address your needs
  4. We deliver the workshop
  5. We assess the participants