Effective business writing

Learn to write effectively in your work, communicating clearly and powerfully with your audience. We’ll show you how in hands-on workshops you can apply immediately to your daily work.

Effective business writing

Shaped to fit your needs

Our workshops are tuned to your area of application; for example: business reports, engineering and scientific reports, writing policies and procedures, or general business writing.

We work with your organisation to identify your specific training needs. We can even interview and assess individual attendees to ensure material is pitched to participants’ current levels of understanding and skills. We then shape workshops to address the identified needs and build on participants’ current knowledge and competencies.

Hands-on for maximum learning impact

Workshops include an appropriate mix of conceptual input and examples, followed by practice and feedback, so you not only learn the concepts but discover how to apply them in your daily work. You come away able to write more effectively, immediately.

We incorporate your organisation’s own written material as examples in the workshops. You can see exactly where concepts, principles and skills apply to your own written material.

Applying plain English principles

Our workshops draw on plain English principles, showing you how to make the most of straight forward English in a business setting—a critical skill when communicating to a multinational workforce.

How to get started

Contact us to arrange an initial discussion to explore how our workshops can address your needs.

Typical course modules

  • What is effective writing?
  • Writing as a process
  • Discovering content
  • Secrets of structure
  • Shaping style—words and sentences
  • Managing a writing project

Process for designing and delivering training

  1. You meet with us to define your training needs
  2. We assess your needs in detail (may include some benchmark assessments)
  3. We design the workshops to address your needs
  4. We deliver the workshops
  5. We assess the participants
  6. We follow up participants (three to six months later)