Implementing changes

We help you transform dormant documents into tools for collaboration, change and alignment across the organisation—so you truly reap the benefits of the time and effort invested in those documents.

Planning projects

We give you a systematic process for designing a change project that targets the right people with the right training and communications, based on your documents' intent.

Changing behaviour

If you write documents to comply with legislation or other standards, we show you how to transform those requirements into compliant behaviour.

Training your people

Embedding change often involves training. We can deliver the training you need to fully implement new systems and processes, including:

  • develop training methodologies
  • design training
  • developing training tools
  • train the trainers.

Deliverables and outcomes

Typical deliverables include:

  • Implementation plans

    Detailed plans that target communications and training so changes are embedded in daily work

  • Training in using intranets to access information

    Employees access the information they need to work safely and efficiently.

  • Training tools

    Trainers are equipped to train employees in new systems and processes.

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