Corporate documentation

People are your most valuable asset, not just because of what they do but also because of what they know. In our experience, organisations who manage their knowledge assets well perform better.

Capitalising on your knowledge

We can help you manage your knowledge assets for the benefit of your business. Our consultants help you turn your dormant documents into tools for collaboration, change and alignment across your organisation. If you write documents to comply with legislation or other standards, we show you how they can also make your business more effective and efficient.

We help you design and develop:

  • the role of documentation in your organisation
  • document management systems and processes
  • clear and relevant documents that say what you want.

Facilitating and writing

If documents are hard to read, your people won’t want to understand the ideas they’re supposed to communicate. We can facilitate the process of content development with subject matter experts and then create clear, usable documents in a style appropriate to their purpose.

The end result is useful documents that actually get read, which means your people learn and your organisation benefits.

Training in writing

We provide training in how to write effective business documents. We help groups write collaboratively, and we pinpoint individuals’ writing difficulties so that your people can communicate effectively.

Information design

We can apply information design and writing skills to document your valuable knowledge assets and make them accessible to more of your people more of the time.

We can develop document frameworks that make it easy for your employees to locate and retrieve valuable information.

We can also help you create new document types, that bring together good writing and good visual design to remove confusion and enhance communication. This may include supplying technical solutions - such as templates and document automation - that make it easier to produce consistent documents.

We can also help you set up an organisation-wide document management system, including structured approval and review processes and formal training-proactive techniques for making sure your organisation captures, maintains and benefits from its knowledge.

Electronic publishing


We can help you publish your documents in electronic form so your people can access the right information when they need it. Our consultants will help you assess the effectiveness of intranets for your business and guide you through planning and implementing an intranet publishing project.

Help systems

We design and build Help systems for Microsoft® Help and Microsoft® HTML Help that can allow your employees to get around without getting lost; and find just the right information to tackle the task at hand.

Our systems are characterised by well thought-out navigation, indexing and cross-referencing.

Automated templates and software

We can build automated document templates that will make it faster and easier for you to produce consistent documents.

We also offer Web Spinner®, an intranet document system that allows you to build and maintain your documents on a corporate intranet.

Deliverables and outcomes

Typical deliverables include:

  • Document Management Frameworks

    Employees can locate and retrieve valuable knowledge with ease.

  • Policies, Standards and Procedures

    Employees understand:

    • the values and expectations of the organisation
    • what standards apply to their work and
    • how to carry out specific tasks safely and efficiently.
  • Schedules, Forms, Registers, Manuals, Checklists, Diagrams, Prompts, Reports

    Employees have access to the knowledge they need in order to carry out work safely and efficiently.

  • Isolation Schematics

    Employees know how to isolate all the equipment and machinery that they work with.

    Isolation schematic example
  • Reports, Marketing documents

    Well designed, clearly written documents appropriate to their purpose.

  • Quick Reference Cards

    Vital information at employees’ fingertips to support key activities.

    Quick reference card example
  • Intranet sites

    Organisational knowledge is accessible to all employees, up-to-date and centrally stored and controlled. Tools and features enable you to maintain the structure and content of the site.

  • Training in electronic publishing

    Content experts can convert and load documentation to the intranet, keeping knowledge they are responsible for up-to-date.

  • Training in using intranets to access information

    Employees access the information they need to work safely and efficiently.

  • Training in writing

    Employees communicate clearly and efficiently in writing.

  • Help Systems

    Clear and easily accessible instructions for using software applications.

  • Induction materials including presentations

    All employees and contractors trained to work safely before they walk onto site.