Improving systems and processes

In our experience, successful organisations are successful because they are full of people who work together effectively. Forget the cult of the CEO, the biggest influence on the success or otherwise of a business is the health of employee relationships-how well they work together to achieve business goals.

Working effectively together

We can help you design and implement business systems and processes that foster productive working relationships amongst your employees and make your business more effective and efficient. Our consultants work with your teams to map systems and processes, explore and capture better ways of working together and plan to bring about change and alignment across your organisation.

We also draw on our experience to help you decide when to centralise systems and processes and when to decentralise, giving your employees freedom to work it out themselves.

We can help you:

  • document and assess your current practice
  • map systems and processes
  • identify and clarify problems
  • develop solutions that fit your business goals.

Training your people

We also deliver everything you need to fully implement new systems and processes, including:

  • develop training methodologies
  • design training
  • developing training tools
  • train the trainers.

Deliverables and outcomes

Typical deliverables include:

  • Business Process Diagrams

    People understand where their work fits in the organisation, especially how they relate to others within the organisation.

  • Work Process Diagrams and Procedures

    People understand workflows-how tasks fit together to achieve work goals.

  • Risk Assessments

    People understand the risks associated with their work and the controls needed to minimise these risks.

  • Training tools

    Trainers are equipped to train employees in new systems and processes.