Developing clear documents

We can apply information design and writing skills to document your valuable knowledge assets and make them accessible to more of your people more of the time.

Document development

Our collaborative techniques play to your strengths. We can facilitate workshops with your subject matter experts so you develop and update documents in the most efficient way. The results will be clear, relevant, usable documents that will add value to your organisation (and reduce risks of non-compliance).

Documentation audit

We'll give you a clear plan of action for getting control of the documents. You'll know what you have and what needs to be done to whip your documents into shape.

Templates for consistency

We can build document templates that will make it faster and easier for you to produce consistent documents. Templates will conform with best practice so they use the best features of word processing software, and facilitate future repurposing of content.

Writing training

We provide training in how to write effective business documents. We help groups write collaboratively, and we pinpoint individuals' writing difficulties so that your people can communicate effectively.

Deliverables and outcomes

Typical deliverables include:

  • Policies, Standards and Procedures

    Employees understand:

    • the values and expectations of the organisation
    • what standards apply to their work and
    • how to carry out specific tasks safely and efficiently.
  • Schedules, Forms, Registers, Manuals, Checklists, Diagrams, Prompts, Reports

    Employees have access to the knowledge they need in order to carry out work safely and efficiently.

  • Isolation Schematics

    Employees know how to isolate all the equipment and machinery that they work with.

    Isolation schematic example
  • Reports, Marketing documents

    Well designed, clearly written documents appropriate to their purpose.

  • Quick Reference Cards

    Vital information at employees’ fingertips to support key activities.

    Quick reference card example
  • Training in writing

    Employees communicate clearly and efficiently in writing.

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