Managing documents better

We can help you set up an organisation-wide document management system, including structured approval and review processes and formal training-proactive techniques for making sure your organisation captures, maintains and benefits from its knowledge.

We can develop document frameworks that make it easy for your employees to locate and retrieve valuable information.

We can also help you create new document types, that bring together good writing and good visual design to remove confusion and enhance communication. This may include supplying technical solutions - such as templates and document automation - that make it easier to produce consistent documents.

Deliverables and outcomes

Typical deliverables include:

  • Taxonomies

    Information structures that bring meaning and order to your content

  • Document Management Frameworks

    Enable employees to locate and retrieve valuable knowledge with ease.

  • Document Types

    Remove confusion when developing content and searching for information

  • Content Ownership

    Lets you know where responsibility lies

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